Priorities for Michigan District 20

Protecting and Renewing the Things that Make This Community Special

My wife and I are so proud to call Plymouth home.

We’re proud of our excellent public schools. Our vibrant downtowns. Our abundant green space. Our world-class doctors. That’s not everything you need to raise a family with a great quality of life – but it’s a good start.

It’s my job to preserve and renew these points of pride so that as many people as possible can access and enjoy them regardless of skin tone, wealth, sexual orientation, age, or any other factor.

This is especially important right now.

Thousands of our neighbors are feeling the sting and fear of job loss and income reduction.
Thousands more have lost their health insurance to add insult to injury.

As your State Representative, I will always prioritize public health and public education over special interests and corporate lobbyists.

In my first term, I served on the Education and Health Policy committees where I worked to advance these policy goals. I introduced legislation to advance literacy across Michigan – which currently ranks near the bottom of the country in reading. I fought to protect Medicaid and to hold prescription drug companies accountable for price gouging. I introduced bills to recruit and attract new teachers and to protect the school aid fund (we rank dead last in funding growth for schools) and to hold for-profit charter schools in check.

I also founded the Downtown Business Coalition (DBC) earlier this year to create an open line of communication between small business owners and my office – as well as the Office of the Governor. Local businesses are the heart of our downtowns and a backbone of the state economy. I’m positive that the DBC will lead to meaningful legislation that helps more businesses survive – and evolve from – the pandemic.

Michigan deserves better. With your support on November 3rd, I promise to grind to improve the conditions of the priorities listed below.

Rep. Koleszar knows just how important our community’s small businesses are to the local economy. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, Rep. Koleszar created the Downtown Business Coalition which gave business owners a direct line of communication to those that represent them in Lansing, as well as members of the Governor and Attorney Generals’ team.

Rep. Koleszar believes everyone deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare in Michigan and supports expanding the Healthy Michigan program.

He also believes that having a pre-existing condition shouldn’t prevent you from getting health insurance, and that is why he introduced HB 5431; which enshrines protections for those with pre-existing conditions into Michigan Law.

As a public school teacher of 12 years, Rep. Koleszar witnessed firsthand what impact the decisions made in Lansing have on students and teachers. Even after voting for the largest school funding increase in Modern History, our funding levels are still far behind where they should be.

During this transition to virtual or Hybrid Learning, we need Legislators who are willing to support districts that accommodate students, rather than those who insist on “business as usual” practices.

Rep. Koleszar is a staunch advocate for protecting our state’s most valuable natural resource, our water. He opposes the continued reckless transfer of oil underneath the Mackinac bridge, and signed onto AG Nessel’s lawsuit to get Line 5 shut down for good.

In addition, he introduced HB 4453; a bill which would raise the maximum fine that can be levied by the Dept. of Energy and Great Lakes for Landfills found in violation of air quality standards.

Since day one of Matt Koleszar’s first term, he has fought to bring the Arbor Hills Landfill into compliance. He has worked in a bi-partisan fashion with local and county leaders to ensure residents of Western Northville Township have clean air to breath.