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Delivering for Michigan

As a teacher, I graded my students on what they delivered, and that’s how I ask my constituents to grade me. I know the people of Michigan demand real results and real action. I’m here to fight to make this community better, safer, stronger, and fairer. So that is what you can expect I’ll deliver if you re-elect me as your representative.

Science Over Politics

Take a deep breath and enjoy the clean air we proudly protect in Michigan. Covid-19 isn’t the only problem we’ve solved by following facts and avoiding political fights. Since day 1, I’ve worked in a bipartisan fashion to ensure the Arbor Hills Landfill paid millions in fines with legal requirements to mitigate air pollution.

Families Over Corporations

I know how important our working families are to the fabric of this community. That’s why I created the Downtown Business Coalition to give small business owners a direct line to their representatives as well as the governor. I was also proud to introduce HB 5176 which would suspend Michigan’s sales tax for one day in August for back to school shopping to help out parents and kids who are getting ready for the upcoming year.

About District 22

Michigan’s 22nd House of Representatives district (also referred to as Michigan’s 22nd House district) is a legislative district within the Michigan House of Representatives. District 22 is made up of the Cities of Plymouth and Northville, and portions of Livonia, Plymouth Township, and Northville Township. The district was created in 2022. For more information on Michigan’s latest redistricting, click here.

How To Vote

Michigan deserves better. With your support on November 8th, Matt pledges that “every vote I cast on behalf of your family will be informed by the common facts, values, decency, and sense we all share.”

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