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Forging a Brighter Future.

Forging a Brighter Future.

Solutions Over Slogans
for Michigan's 20th District

I love this community. I was raised in nearby Walled Lake and live in Plymouth Township today with my wife, Kim, and our rescue dog and cats. I was a public school teacher for 12 years prior to becoming a public servant in 2018.

I’m seeking reelection for my third term because we need real action in Lansing to help address the hardship, loss, and injustice felt throughout our neighborhoods.

Solutions over slogans. Science over politics. Families over corporations.

This is a time to fight for those things, but it’s also a time to dream – of a better, fairer future for every neighbor in Canton, Plymouth and Northville.

Covid-19 and our nationwide reckoning with racism following the murder of George Floyd has brought the meaning of leadership and accountability in government into blunt light. Elections matter.

It’s also reminded us that access to healthcare and education are not just part and parcel to our past, present, and future – they’re also pillars of the American dream.

How We'll Do It

Michigan needs leaders who will fight to give everyone an equal shot at that dream. At the state level, that starts by funding public schools (rather than chipping away at them) and public health programs. It starts by helping small businesses survive and evolve from Covid-19. It starts by cracking down on corporations that poison our land, air, and water – as well as those evading record-low taxes and denying basic protections to their employees.

As your Democratic State Representative, I will always be a voice and legislative advocate for families. Essential workers. Teachers. Doctors. Small businesses. Union labor. Clean air and water. And yes, car rims and tires.

And I pledge that every vote I cast on the behalf of my constituents will be informed by common facts, common values, common decency, and common sense.

Vote for Responsible Government

I’ll never underestimate the American work ethic and ingenuity (my single mom taught me that).

But right now, there are far too many Michigan families who feel alone and adrift in this health and economic crisis. On November 8th, let’s elect officials who are dedicated to helping mobilize the resources and protections people need to get through this pandemic and, after that, adapt to a changing society.

I’m proud that over 20 organizations including the Michigan Education Association, United Auto Workers, American Federation of Teachers, and Clean Water Action have vouched for my reelection. Check my previous endorsements here.

How to Vote

With uncertainty swirling around this election, it’s never been more important to make a plan to vote. All Michigan voters are eligible to vote by mail on November 3rd
– without exception.
Click the button below to request an absentee ballot.

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