The Downtown Business Coalition Keeps Commerce and Character Local

The formation of the Michigan House Democrats Downtown Business Coalition was designed to protect seasonally driven, single-proprietor businesses with fewer than 50 employees. These businesses are the lifeblood of our communities — keeping commerce local while giving our home its character.

These are the restaurants where we gather with friends, the shops where we memorialize our vacations, and the meeting centers of our communities. They have unique needs, especially in these trying times, and by protecting them, we protect our community at large.

The Downtown Business Coalition was formed out of the pride I have for my district. The downtown districts of Northville and Plymouth are two prime examples of how our smallest businesses define our communities. It is also important these incredible businesses have the resources to navigate the COVID-19 or future emergency business disruptions, and continue to thrive in communities across our state.

More than 16,500 restaurants and 15,000 retail shops fuel Michigan’s economy, employing 1.25 million Michiganders. Many of the businesses the DBC met with are family-owned, have the owner’s personal assets tied up in the business as collateral, depend on seasonal business, and rent business and retail space. Although the definition of “small business” includes any business with fewer than 250 employees, many neighborhood and downtown businesses employ fewer than 50. Thus, presenting a unique set of challenges than other small businesses face.

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